What to expect on a safari in Rwanda

What to expect on a safari in Rwanda

Why Rank Rwanda as a Top Safari Destination in Africa? The country is known to have green rolling hills which make it very unique and exceptional to adventure. The country comprises of Mountain Gorillas which are tracked at Volcanoes National Park, Chimpanzees at Cyamudongo Forest after Nyungwe Forest National Park, Wildlife at Akagera National Park, Culture at Iby’iwachu Cultural Village then the Genocide memorials and National Museums around the county.
A Safari in Rwanda gives you remarkable adventures as you Go Gorilla trekking (one gorilla family) in Volcanoes green forest vegetation habitat, Chimpanzee Tracking at Nyungwe Forest and Wildlife Safari at Akagera National Park.

Why Visit Rwanda?

So, Why Visit Rwanda for a Safari? There are many reasons travellers around the world should visit Rwanda for a Safari for instance, the country is known to offer amazing Gorilla Trekking Safaris to all travellers from all over the globe and these are watched in different sessions to fit all travel needs, it also has unforgettable Wildlife Safaris at Akagera National Park (30 Rhinos, Lions, Giraffes, etc), remarkable Hiking Adventures along Mount Muhabra Volcano, Mount Karisimbi Volcano & Mount Bisoke Volcano.

The uniqueness Rwanda has as a travel destination is that it is less crowded compared to its neighbours in East Africa hence providing very comfortable safari experiences to all travellers from all over the globe.

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